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3D Edutainment Animated Series for Arabic language!

Life is one big educational adventure for Noura, who takes the lead on this quest through the alphabet with her brother Rashid. Having a huge love of books and a passion for knowledge, Noura is the smarter of the two siblings – and also the more active. This chatty girl is wise beyond her years and always keen to share her knowledge with others, which can make it hard to get a word in! With a heart of gold, though, Noura always goes above and beyond to help anyone.



Rashid is very keen to follow in the footsteps of his clever sister on their learning trail together. He may be younger than Noura, but Rashid is quick to learn and full of enthusiasm. While he looks up to and respects his sister, he is also very competitive and always trying to beat her in their educational games. He may be quieter than his talkative sibling but he is far cheekier; as well as being a bit of a joker he can make anyone laugh with his collection of jokes!

Rashid and Noura

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